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Getting started

CalendarLink can be used in any tool because it takes only one link (url) to generate an event. You can create this url in My Calendarlink, or generate it on the fly in your marketing automation tool or website using the so called 'merge tags' or 'personalization fields' from your preferred tool.

Create a single event

If you want to create an event with a fixed date, or a date that doesn't change often, you would like to create a single event. Here you will have to fill in all the mandatory fields like title and date to generate the event link. You will see a preview of the event page you are creating. You can paste this link in your e-mail, website or anywhere you want.

You can try it here without an account.

UTM Tracking

CalendarLink automatically tracks UTM parameters or can help you customize them.

Additional features

We've made it easy to help you grow and improve your attendance rates with these additional features.


You can customize the event pages to match your brand and even have separate styles per event collection. This helps you to create a seamless uses experience and get more out of each add-to-calendar interaction.

Personalize events

You can personalize single events and smart links with 'merge tags' or 'personalization fields'.

You can use your tool's corresponding personalization fields to personalize your events. For example: you can use %FNAME% inside your link in Mailchimp to personalize the event.

Smart calendar suggestions

If an e-mail address is added, we can give smart calendar suggestions based on the domain that is used.


By default we measure visitors, attendees (adds-to-calendar) and calendar types. But you can also measure UTM tags (campaign sources) and collections to see where your users are paying attention and where they are not.

Conversion tracking

You can track views and attendees using your own Google Analytics (GA4) and/or Facebook Pixel (Meta Pixel) ID. This can help you create live audiences and grow your attendees right inside Google and Meta.


You can create event categories, or collections, to not only organize your events but also analyse your events even further and adjust your event branding page for each collection.

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