Create your smart link once. Automate forever.

Use your own tools like Mailchimp, Zapier or Wordpress to send personalized calendar invites automatically. No credit card required.

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This works best on desktop.

How it works

Use any automation tool like Mailchimp, Zapier or CMS like Wordpress to set up your smart calendar link once and send thousands of reminders automatically.

Create your e-mail or landing page

Go to your e-mail campaign or landing page where you want to place the add-to-calendar button.

Create your smart link

Create your smart link once in - and use the personalization fields of your tool to personalize the link. E.g. use the "appointment date" of your user to automatically generate an event for that specific date.

Copy & paste

Copy & paste the link in your button in your e-mail or website.

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Works with all tools you already know and love

No need to learn another tool. Just use your current (marketing) automation tool to send smart calendar links by using its 'personalization' or 'merge tags'.

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